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Recently an old school friend WhatsApped snapshots of the moth-ridden pages from the yearbook of the school that we both attended. It was a pleasent surprise to see this.

Sure that my girls have been calling me a book worm. The pleasure of handing a book, smell of the raw pages, flipping through fast yet not wanting to reach the end- that’s me for sure, but formal writing started much later hence the surprise. And now when I think of it words seem to fascinate me the most. I read, I write and even play the ‘word-games’ on my phone!!

I guess this is why it was not a surprise to most who know me when 'Spiritual Parenting' came through. But books are special in that they almost write themselves. Of course I have had my moments, nay days, of writers block but rest of it is pretty much a flow and in a way, an obsession. The characters and scenarios walk around in the brain all day and beg to be captures and portrayed. There are moments when even if I am tired and wish so much to quit for the day, the hands do not stop. Those moments are amazing! I need to get away from the routine and hence I steal 15- 20 days from the year for my writing retreat. Seclusion in a place that is next or a water-body, no phone calls,

Author Dr. Sapna Sharma

no appointments, no children around and no social obligations... this is me To me writing is ‘being’. Each of my books and articles are ‘Me’ displayed on the shelves and on the blog pages. And as I go through everyday routines of counseling sessions and conducting workshops, How I wish I could just writing. Oh Bliss!

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