Spiritual Parenting is a best Book on Parenting

15 December 2018

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Spiritual Parenting

Astha Agrawal

Astha Agrawal said: "Hi Dr. Sharma. Recently I came across your book on spiritual parenting. I must say that I am really loving the process of reading it and then pondering over things. I find it particularly relevant in my case as I am a practicing CA and I have two daughters aged 12 and 7. Half way through the book I find myself filled with optimism and positive energy. Thnx for accepting me as friend and more importantly for such a fantastic book."

13 September 2018

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Must read

Vaishali Puranik

Vaishali Puranik said: "Very good book. All parents must read. I loved it."

Spiritual Parenting is a best Book on Parenting
Spiritual Parenting is a best Book on Parenting

27 March 2017

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A Book for every Parent

Chetan Hegde

Chetan Hegde said:"Was on the lookout for books on Parenting and this particular book caught my attention and felt drawn by the title. In this book, the importance of listening to the unspoken words of one's child and ways and means to deal with all issues of parenting from a spiritual angle are discussed. Have just started reading the book, but one thing is certain this book has been written with lot of care and love. Will write a full review shortly."

18 March 2017

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Go Ahead.. Its a must read

Jitesh Khandrani

Jitesh Khandrani said:"Sapna Sharma has tremendously and meticulously put her efforts to write this book. This book as promised touches minor to major problems of today's parenting. Sapna has quoted real life examples of problems of parenting and also included herself too as victim of this disaster. This book not only puts you in right place but also suggest various ways one can give good life to your siblings. To sum it up, modern world has open jar of problems to our children but books like this bring awareness and simple ways to deal them. Thanks."

Spiritual Parenting is a best Book on Parenting
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