2 April 2018

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Five Stars

Aparna Shah

Aparna Shah said: "Excellent book...of great help... Can connect to it.. A guide to one's life... Thank you Sapna maam"

27 March 2017

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Awesome Read!

Vinod Rathi

Vinod Rathi said: "Awesome read! Gives you immense insights of how our mind works, special thanks to Sapna for the sleep meditation exercise towards the end of the book."

For The Love Of Me is a Book For Self Motivation
For The Love Of Me is a Book For Self Motivation

12 March 2018

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Life Story...

Ramesh G Wazalwar

Ramesh G Wazalwar said: "Wow... Nice Book Dr. Sapna Sharma..."

15 December 2018

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Awesome Read!

Priti Chhabra

Priti Chhabra said: "Hey Sapna, congratulations and god bless...for “FOR THE LOVE OF ME.” Your style of communication,be it written or spoken, is lucid, articulate, engaging, no-nonsense kind...One doesn’t even feel the need to yawn,let alone trying to stifle one surreptitiously, when in the company of either you or one of your books.
Your narratives have this innate quality of touching the right chord, and here too, the heartwarming narration is motivating and engrossing enough to open one’s “mind’s” eye, to cajole out or shake-up a vulnerable Spencer hidden deep inside each one of us, or to reach out for a Jack, when at sanity-threatening crossroads in our lives. The protagonist made me smile, laugh and cry with her..
A whole gamut of emotions flitted through me too… and why not?!...well, a Spencer does make herself comfy in each one of us, at some point of time in our lives, now doesn’t she?! Your opening shot..“This one is for u Malvika”... (actually the cherry on the cake!!(read book)) is such a powerful one, that one can’t help but delve deeper into the contents.. (of the lovely cake(read book)) anticipating an unfolding of enigmas… and it sure proves to be a yummy wholesome treat! You are still treating the Eyes of so many, by empowering and broadening their mind’s - eye vision! Keep churning out more such-likes for the Love of humanity! Keep smiling, keep shining!"

For The Love Of Me is a Book For Self Motivation
Book Helps you know How To Overcome Depression
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For The Love Of Me By Dr. Sapna Sharma

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